The simplest wealth creation tool in your portfolio.

Find out how.

It’s an exciting time in real estate, with numerous investment opportunities for smart capital. At closing, U.S. Veterinary REIT extinguishes individual property debt, eliminating that liability, and offers you a tax-advantaged transaction with significant upside in an under-appreciated commercial asset class. Receive future dividends — all on terms customized for you. And your financial position strengthens as our national portfolio grows. Speak with our leadership team today.

Benefits to partnering

Reduce risk and worry by eliminating property management, debt and related guarantees

Achieve liquidity now and in the future

Earn current, passive income through quarterly dividends

Free yourself from tenancy risk

Achieve diversification through our national footprint

Participate in long-term property value appreciation at scale

Keep the revenue. Simplify your operations.

Customize your future.