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U.S. Veterinary REIT partners with veterinary real estate owners. Our ideal acquisition target consists of market-leading facilities with updated technology that are in-line with the best practices within the veterinary industry. U.S. Veterinary REIT’s portfolio composition consists of diversified operators, and community-critical real estate assets from coast to coast.

Steps to Success


REIT acquires properties

The REIT partners with property owners to exchange ownership equity for common units (or cash) in the REIT’s operating partnership. As part of this partnership, the REIT extinguishes any existing mortgage, while also providing liquidity and a tax-advantaged transaction.


REIT manages real estate

The REIT assumes management of the real estate, relieving you of the liability and burden associated with property costs and expenditures.


REIT collects rents

The REIT handles rent collection and all other responsibilities of ownership.


REIT pays dividends

The REIT distributes a minimum of 90% of all taxable income in the form dividends paid to shareholders on a quarterly basis.


REIT initiates exit strategy

Options include but are not limited to listing the REIT publicly, recapitalization or outright sale of the portfolio.

Creating capital flexibility. We are U.S. Veterinary REIT.

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